Portland State University February 7-9 2015
Portland, OR
Bridging The Future
of Arctic Social Science Research
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Portland State University (Portland, OR) Workshop: Arctic Social Sciences in the 21st Century: Integrating Past, Present, and Future Human Ecodynamics in Arctic Social Science Research. [Feb 7-9] .

The Portland workshop brought together a diverse group of Arctic scholars currently engaged in Arctic social sciences research. Our aim was to generate discussion on a range of related topics including: social sciences research and northern environmental change; the challenges, promise, and future of interdisciplinary research in Arctic contexts; social science research and heritage issues; sustainability; and applied social sciences research. While the majority of attendees are social scientists, some natural sciences researchers also attended to broaden the range of perspectives included in workshop discussions. A special focus of this workshop was on the future of human ecodynamics research in the Arctic.

Matthew Berman
University of Alaska Anchorage
Anne Jensen
Ben Fitzhugh
University of Washington
Ben Potter
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Beth Marino
Oregon State University Cascades
Bre MacInnes
Central Washington University
Claire Alix
University of Alaska Fairbanks/Université de Paris 1 - Panthéon Sorbonne
Diane Hansen
University of Alaska Anchorage
Diane Hirshberg
University of Alaska Anchorage
Anna Prentiss
University of Montana
Gary Holton
University of Hawaii
Kevin Jernigan
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Lance Howe
University of Alaska Anchorage
Marie Lowe
University of Alaska Anchorage
Nancy Bigelow
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Thomas McGovern
Hunter College/CUNY Graduate School University Center
Jon Waterhouse
Oregon Health Sciences
Tim Kohler
Washington State University
Todd Surovell
University of Wyoming
Ute Kaden
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Sven Haakanson
University of Washington
Shelby Anderson
Portland State University
Michael Etnier
Portland State University
Virginia Butler
Portland State University
Anna Kerttula
National Science Foundation
Kevin Smith
Brown University
Andrey Petrov
University of Northern Iowa
Natalia Loukacheva
University of Northern British Columbia
Scott Fitzpatrick
University of Oregon
Mary Marshall
Oregon Health Sciences
Madonna Moss
University of Oregon
Patrick Saltonstall
Alutiiq Museum
Dan Odess
National Park Service
Ross Smith
University of Oregon
Aaron Presnall
Jefferson Institute