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Arctic Horizons Town Hall – Alaska Anthropological Association Meeting

March 18, 2016 By Shelby Anderson,
Workshop participants in discussion groups

A group of 53 conference participants joined us in Sitka, Alaska on March 3rd for our Arctic Horizons town hall event.  The group was diverse, including scholars from various points in their career (students to late career researchers) and anthropologists working in a variety of settings (e.g. state and federal agencies, universities, in the private sector). 

Participants worked in break-out groups for an hour to consider the question: What are the domains of human experience in the North that warrant further attention on the part of the social science researchers over the next 10-15 years?  We then met as a larger group for an hour to discuss and record the results of break-out group discussions.  The discussion was lively and the results are an important contribution to our overall project, and ultimately, the final report.  Thank you to all of the participants for joining us.