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Arctic Horizons Townhall at ASSW 2016

April 13, 2016 By Andrey Petrov,

The Arctic Horizons townhall discussion forum was held during the Arctic Science Summit Week on March 14th, 2016 in Fairbanks, AK. About 40 participants represented a variety of disciplines (anthropology, geography, economics, political science, archeology, sociology, as well as humanities). There was a significant international participation. Early career scholars and indigenous researchers were also among the forum speakers.

All participants were asked to respond to the following questions: What are the domains of human experience in the North that warrant further attention on the part of the social science researchers over the next 10-15 years? What should be funding priorities for NSF in respect to Arctic social sciences?

The consensus in the room was the Arctic social sciences are rapidly developing, and need to take a more prominent place at NSF. Arctic social scientists should engage with natural sciences and humanities to develop interdisciplinary projects that incorporate various knowledge systems, involve communities and respond to the needs of Arctic residents.

We appreciate everyone’s contribution!